Clay in the Potter's Hands began as a devotional book published by TreeHouseStudios in 2011. The vision is growing, and now it includes resources for small groups, fine art prints and canvases, an eBook, and plans for an Audiobook, a children's book, and translations into Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese. It has been a collaborative process from the start. Here are some of the members of our growing CLAY team.

Diana Pavlac Glyer: Author

photo (c) Lancia E. Smith

photo (c) Lancia E. Smith

Diana Pavlac Glyer is an artist, a teacher, and an award-winning writer. She discovered the joy of working on a potter's wheel when she was in high school, and she hasn't stopped yet. She enjoys the work of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and has published books and articles about their creative process. Diana is the author of Clay in the Potter’s Hands,  the narrator of the Audiobook, and the visionary leader of this tribe. For more information, visit her online at

Adam F. Bradley: Photographer

Adam F. Bradley is the founder and president of AdamFusion Films. He has been communicating via films, photography, design, and public speaking since 2002. Adam's greatest passion is to inspire others. He is outgoing, friendly, and is known as a creative genius. Adam did the original set of black & white photographs for Clay in the Potter's Hands. You can see his latest work at

Lynn Maudlin: Designer


Lynn Maudlin describes herself as a singer/songwriter, artist, author, editor, web designer, and child of God. She thinks this is a very exciting time to be a content creator and enjoys helping others realize their vision. Lynn works on book designs for the various editions of Clay in the Potter's Hands, and every year she creates the popular Clay Calendars. For more information about Lynn's art and music, go to

Bethany Wagner: Leader's Guides


Bethany Wagner has a passion for listening to stories and telling them. She studied English and Theology at Azusa Pacific University and currently works as a freelance writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. Bethany writes the Leader's Guides for Clay in the Potter's Hands

Lancia E. Smith: Photographer & Designer

photo (c) by Regina Mountjoy, Regina-Marie Photographer

photo (c) by Regina Mountjoy, Regina-Marie Photographer

Lancia E. Smith is an author, photographer and speaker who has been shooting professionally for more than 30 years. She writes on topics related to C.S. Lewis, spiritual development, and the intersection of art and culture. Her images of art and artists can be found on this website and in the books and calendars. Lancia also serves as one of our marketing consultants. She hosts a quarterly on-line magazine at,  introducing readers to remarkable writers and artists engaged in cultural transformation. 

Laura K. Simmons: Dedicatee


Laura K. Simmons is Professor of Christian Ministries at George Fox Evangelical Seminary and the author of Creed Without Chaos: Exploring Theology In The Writings of Dorothy L. Sayers. The list of her artistic accomplishments is very long, but she excels in three art forms in particular: baking, photography, and long-distance walking. She understands the pilgrim journey better than anyone I know. Laura inspired the first draft of Clay in the Potter's Hands with her prayers, encouragement, vision, faith, and compassion. She inspires me still. The book is dedicated to her.

Jennifer Rothschild: Dedicatee


Jennifer Rothschild loves thin crust veggie pizza, dark chocolate, coffee, and interesting conversations. She is a speaker and the award-winning author of ten books and Bible studies. Her warmth and energy are contagious, and powerful enough to move mountains. The Audiobook of Clay in the Potter's Hands is dedicated to her because she not only inspired the idea, she made me believe (really believe) that I could do it. You can read about Jennifer and check out her speaking schedule at

Brooks Malberg, and Peter & Phillip Hall:

Photographers & Filmmakers

Peter & Phillip.png

Twins brothers Peter and Phillip met Brooks while studying Cinematic Arts at Azusa Pacific University. Their Director-Producer relationship formed over the years while collaborating on various projects. Since graduating from APU in the spring of 2014, they’ve been freelance filmmaking and finding ways to feed themselves as they work towards their ultimate goal of financing and producing a feature film of their own. Brooks, Peter, and Phillip filmed the Book Trailer and other promotional videos for Clay in the Potter’s Hands. Some of their images  are used on this website, and their work will be featured in the new 2015 Clay Calendar. To view some of their previous short films, check out their profile on Vimeo:

Heather Clark: Website Designer


Heather Clark is an English teacher by day and a web designer/editor by night. In both jobs she works to help others tell their story in compelling ways both textually and visually. To that end, her aesthetic leanings drive her to produce clean, clear, and functionally elegant expressions of others' visions online.